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Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip

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  • Price is $4 per student. Minimum of 50 students.
  • Package available for purchase now through October 16th.
  • The availability of pumpkins is first come first served, educators are encouraged to book their virtual field trip as soon as possible in order to ensure there is enough pumpkins.
  • Payment options include Credit Card or Purchase Order (to be sent to our email).
  • Please email us to coordinate delivery of materials (via email) and pumpkins at school. 

Included in your Virtual Pumpkin Field Trip Package:

  1. “How to Grow a Pumpkin” film (approximately 6-8 minutes). Includes topics such as (1) planting tractors, (2) irrigation and how plants use water, (3) how the plant produces male and female flowers to make a pumpkin, (4) plant growth process, (5) pollination, transpiration, photosynthesis, (6) pumpkins are a fruit, and (7) plant health. The information is presented in a way that grade K will get some information, but grades 1-3 and higher will retain more.
  2. "Smartest Pumpkin in the Patch" curriculum materials includes lesson plans and activity sheets for the following topics (1) Pumpkin Life Cycle, (2) Pumpkin in My Pocket, (3) Peeking at Your Pumpkin, (4) Color My Pumpkin, (5) More Than Pie, and (6) Pumpkins in Pieces. Available in PDF form for educators to print.
  3. A small pumpkin for each student (field trip size). Pumpkins will be delivered to the school at a pre-arranged date and time beginning October 1st.
  4. Ideas for the students to decorate the small pumpkin.